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Ventura Institute of Bio Sciences

Ventura has been dedicated to rigorous and groundbreaking science. The company's emphasis is on strong basic research that has been instrumental to its success and growth. The company also explicitly fosters individual creativity and initiative among its researchers, encouraging scientists to pursue projects of interest in addition to working toward the company's goals.

Drug discovery involves systematically identifying which proteins are contributing to problems in the body — either because they are absent, defective or excessive — and then identifying and engineering a protein or related molecule to correct the problem. Recombinant DNA technology, the task of cutting DNA from one organism and putting it into a new organism that reproduces to make proteins of potential value, is the technology at the foundation of biotechnology.

Our Bioinformatics department includes professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of molecular biology and are skilled in computational methods for mining genomic data and is able to swiftly process large amounts of sequence and expression data from the Human Genome Project.

Immunology is increasingly becoming an important focus for our researchers. This area holds great promise, as the range of diseases involving the immune and inflammatory cells is immense. Many of the patients suffering from immunological diseases need to take medicine their entire life, which means there is a pressing need for safer and more effective therapies.

The experience, diversity and dedication of our Research organization assure that we will continue to play a significant role in discovering new innovations helpful to the society.

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Ventura Institute of Bio Sciences
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